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Panasonic Iron 2400W


Code: NIW950ALSJ

Panasonic Iron 2400W Black/Silver 

  • 360° Quick Multi-Directional Soleplate
  • Unique Double Headed Alumite Scratchproof Soleplate
  • Continuous Steam 40g/min
  • Power Shot 140g/min
  • 3-Way Cleaning System
  • 3-Way Auto Shut-off Mechanism
  • Vertical Steam
  • Automatic Anti-Drip
  • 2400W Power
  • 310ml Water Tank
  • 3m Cord
Silver / Black Steam Iron with 360° Quick Multi-Directional Soleplate
Unique features combine to reduce your ironing time, such as the scratchproof double headed Alumite Multi-Directional Soleplate with 360° steam for more precise movements. The unique curved soleplate glides easily, making it light work for wrists and arms without compromising on performance.  The soleplate of the Panasonic NI-W950 is made from Alumite (anodized aluminium) which is also used in the construction of automobile engines, helping to prevent wear and tear of parts.  The W950's design borrows from this principle in making the 360° Quick Multi-Directional Soleplate scratch-proof.
Ergonomically designed for comfort
Packed with well considered design details from the ergonomic handle to the 360° rotating cord, this iron ensures perfect balance of form and function. The Panasonic NI-W950 is the new power tool for your laundry. The NI-W950's easy to grip arm has also been designed for comfort, and the product's body weight is evenly distributed to ensure good balance. The easy to view rear is another innovative idea to improve functionality; since the edges of the soleplate can always be seen from above, while ironing, movements can be more precise - perfect for trouble spots areas such as cuffs and collars. An impressive steam function will also combat hard wrinkle areas on tough fabrics such as denim.
Panasonic 360° Quick™ for smooth ironing in any direction
With the Panasonic NI-W950 360° Quick iron there is no wasted motion, thanks to the ability to iron smoothly in every direction; greatly reducing ironing time, and the energy required to keep your laundry pile under control.
The NI-W950 features a fatigue-reducing ergonomic design unlike any iron you have ever seen. Panasonic 360° Quick prevents creasing by enabling you to iron smoothly in any direction, while traditional irons may catch on fabric and actually cause more wrinkles as they slide back and forth.
Self-cleaning steam vents remove even the most stubborn wrinkles and creases
The NI-W950's soleplate has a generous surface area, allowing for 116 self-cleaning steam vents; an exclusive Panasonic feature that helps remove even the most stubborn wrinkles and creases. Four steam settings can be selected, assisting with every fabric type from heavy through to delicate. A spray mist function lets you direct extra moisture where it is needed; and for particularly troublesome areas the jet-of-steam feature can be used, releasing a powerful burst of steam. The 360° Quick can even vertically steam the creases out of curtains or hanging garments by being held upright.
Anti-Calcium function for clog-free operation
This innovative iron has also been equipped with an anti-calcium function, preventing calcium build-up from clogging the steam holes, and ensuring the iron a longer life-span.  Our steam irons are safe to use with tap water and easy to maintain with a clever 3-Way Cleaning System to wash away limescale deposits.
Precise custom control for an immaculate finish
The Panasonic NI-W950 360° Quick's easy-to-use dial temperature control takes the guesswork out of achieving a pristine finish. The NI-W950 maintains a precise heat for all fabrics, including silk, meaning you can rely less on expensive dry cleaning services.
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Extended Warranty 3 yrs  $29.00

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Panasonic Iron 2400W