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Bosch Dishwasher AntiFingerprint Silver Inox Freestanding


Code: SMS60D08AU

ActiveWater with 4,0 stars (energy) / 4,0 stars (water)

  • Height-adjustable top basket: works wonders with space to hold various dish sizes.
  • VarioSpeed: rinses in half the time with optimum cleaning and drying results.
  • Glass protection technology: extra gentle handling for your delicate glasses.



ActiveWater technology: less water, less energy, more performance.

This innovative rinsing technology maximises efficiency and ensures environmentally friendly rinsing for excellent cleaning results. The water and energy is saved through targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation.

AquaSensor: soil detection for brilliantly clean dishes.

The AquaSensor regulates the water usage depending on the type and degree of soiling, using light beams to manage the rinse. Depending on remaining food particles, grease or detergent residues in the rinse, the rinsing process is assessed to evaluate whether it needs to be continued.

Automatic programmes ensure the best cleaning performance, automatically.

Water usage, water temperature and rinse time are adjusted exactly to suit the level of soiling. This provides best results while saving water and energy.

AquaStop for added security and safety against water damage.

The AquaStop system cuts off the water supply directly at the tap outlet in the case of leaks. AquaStop operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provided the dishwasher is switched on at the mains.

LoadSensor automatically saves water and energy for fewer dishes.

The load weight is detected by a rotary speed sensor which adjusts the water level. The load sensor provides optimal water usage even for half loads or partial loads, saving water and electricity.

EcoSilence Drive™: powerful, durable, quiet and efficient.

The brushless, frictionless construction of this advanced motor offers maximum efficiency, economy, durability and performance. Plus, with up to three levels of sound insulation and targeted spray jets, the result is a dishwasher that's even quieter.

HalfLoad option: saves time, water and electricity.

HalfLoad option provides the best possible wash performance for dishes stacked anywhere in the dishwasher, unlike other systems that only wash in either the top or bottom baskets.

Child lock on door prevents unintended door opening and button tampering.

A child-proof door lock prevents the door from being opened and the programme being altered during the cycle. This prevents injuries caused by hot steam and accidental adjustments to the programme settings.

Easy pre-select programme start for the desired start time.

With the time delay function you can pre-select the programme for the desired start time. This allows you to handle your appliance conveniently, at any time during the day, during work hours or at night. After the start of the programme a display indicates the precise remaining time.

Vario basket is easily placeable in the lower basket.

The Vario basket can be easily placed in the lower basket and provides additional storage space for cutlery. It is included as a standard in all ActiveWater models without VarioDrawer.

Washes in almost half the time with optimum cleaning and drying results thanks to VarioSpeed.

You can reduce the wash time by almost half with the VarioSpeed option. All this with best cleaning and drying results – as usual.

Heat Exchanger: Maximises perfomance and efficiency.

The heat recycling reservoir located in the side panel of the machine maximises the performance by using heat that is generated in each cycle to pre-heat cold water used for the next cycle before it enters the dishwasher. The heat exchanger also works effectively as a residual heat drying system which is extremely energy efficient and a gentle form of drying.

  • 14 international place settings
Consumption rates
  • 4,0 stars Star WELS water rating, 13.4 litres per wash
    4 stars Star energy rating, 230 kwh per year
  • Water consumption in programme Eco 45 °C: 13.4 l
  • Energy consumption in programme Eco 45 °C: 0.62 kwh
Wash Programs
  • 6 Wash Programs:
    - Auto 45-65 °C
    - pots and pans 70 °C
    - Intensive 65 °C
    - Eco 45 °C
    - Quick Wash 45 °C
    - Pre Rinse
  • Advanced filter system
  • DosageAssist detergent system
  • AutoBrilliance - automatic detergent sensor
  • AquaSensor
  • 2 special options:
    VarioSpeed™ - express wash option, HalfLoad Plus
  • ActiveWater hydraulic system
  • Heat exchanger efficient drying
  • 5 spray levels
  • Vario basket system
  • Height adjustable upper basket
  • Normal basket - 2 folding plate racks in lower basket
  • 2 x foldable cup shelves in upper basket
  • AntiFingerprint stainless steel finish
  • Panel legend: Plain text (english)
  • Programme selector with integrated start button
  • LED rinse aid and refill indicator
  • Alternating spray-arm washing
  • Time remain display
  • Quiet operation 46 dB
  • AquaStop with guarantee
  • Child door lock
Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • Product dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm
Price: $999.00


Extended Warranty 5 yrs  $149.00

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Bosch Dishwasher AntiFingerprint Silver Inox Freestanding