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Breville the Bit More Plus


Code: BTA440BSS

How do you toast any slice perfectly no matter what type of bread?

'Fruit Bread' setting automatically adjusts the toasting time for fruit bread. 

The 'a Bit More' toaster is designed with 2 extra-long, deep and wide toasting slots, allowing the freedom to break away from the traditional block loaf and introduce artisan breads into the breakfast routine.

If toast comes up too light, simply lower the lever and select ‘A Bit More' to add an extra 30 seconds toasting time to get it just right. With 'Lift and Look', simply lift the lever to check progress at any time to prevent burning without interrupting the toasting cycle.

A Bit More Button

For when near enough isn't quite good enough. As the name suggests, 'A Bit More' toasts the bread for, well, that little bit more without the need to reset browning controls. Together with 'Lift & Look', 'A Bit More' means you can always get toast just the way you want it.

Extra Long Slots

Designed to fit two pieces of bread next to one another in a single, longer slot. As well as being more compact, this design accommodates more exotic loaf sizes like large sourdoughs or artisan breads.

Self Centering

To ensure bread is evenly toasted on both sides, self centreing slots have spring loaded carriages to automatically centre the bread relative to the toasting elements.

  • Capacity

    4 regular slices or 2 long artisan slices

  • Slot Design

    2 extra long, wide and deep toasting slots for larger bread

  • Lifting Mechanism

    Manual lever

  • Lift 'n' Look

    See how the toast is browning without interrupting the toasting cycle

  • A Bit More Button

    Add an extra 30 seconds more to the toasting cycle

  • Self Centreing

    Adjusts automatically to toast any kind of bread.

  • Browning Controls

    Select desired browning setting from '1' lightest to '6' darkest.

  • Function Settings

    'Fruit Bread', a Bit More','Lift and Look', frozen and cancel functions

  • Defrost Setting

    Automatically extends toasting time with the press of a button

  • Removable Crumb Tray

    For easy cleaning

  • Onboard Cord Storage

    Cord storage integrated into the base

  • Construction

    Brushed stainless steel design

  • Voltage

    220 - 240 Volts

  • Wattage


  • Warranty

    1 Year Replacement

Price: $97.00


Extended Warranty 3 yrs  $39.00

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Breville the Bit More Plus