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Breville The Infuser


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A Steady Low Pressure Pre-infusion Gently Expands the Grinds for an Even Extraction
Balanced flavours are drawn evenly from all the grinds. So what is the best way to prepare the grinds for an even extraction?
Rather than start with bursts of high pressure, a steady low pressure pre-infusion gently expands the grinds before stepping up to high pressure for an even extraction.
PID temperature control delivers increased temperature stability for a better tasting coffee and high power 1700W for high pressure steam and faster heat up

Low Pressure Pre-infusion - Low pressure pre-infusion gently delivers water pressure at between 2 to 4 bar to allow the coffee grinds to expand prior to extraction at the optimal full pressure of 9 bar.  This enhances the release of the oils to produce a balanced espresso.  This pressure and its duration is user programmable.
Programmable Semi Automatic - The programmable pour, or semi-automatic function, simply controls the volume of the espresso pour, at the press of a button.  That's 30ml for a single shot and 60ml for a double. Which, of course, is adjustable.
15 Bar Pump - Extraction is driven from a 15 bar Italian made pump.
Thermoblock/Thermocoil - With both a Thermoblock and a Thermocoil, cold water passes through a pathway within what is essentially a block of heated metal. This heating method is designed to offer a consistent temperature that is required to achieve a consistent and optimal espresso temperature.  Specifically a Thermocoil houses a Stainless Steel tube (or coil) within the metal mass.
Purge Function - Extraction of coffee with water over 92-94°C will result in a bitter or burnt taste.  Only required with Thermoblock or Thermocoil machines, the Auto Purge feature flushes the over heated water required for steaming back to the optimal espresso extraction temperature.

Pump Pressure - 15 bar italian pump
Heating System - PID controlled stainless steel thermocoil
Purge Function - Auto purge adjusts water temperature required for steam back to optimal coffee extraction
Pre Infusion Function - Low pressure pre-infusion gently expand grinds for an even extraction
Included Grouphead Filters - Single & dual wall baskets
Water Tank Capacity - 1.8 litre water tank
Onboard Storage - Integrated on-board tamper
Additional Features - 1 & 2 cup volumetric control, dedicated hot water, espresso pressure gauge, 1700 watt high power, 54mm portafilter
Included Accessories - Stainless steel frothing jug, 1 & 2 cup single & dual wall filter baskets, measuring spoon, cleaning disc and cleaning tablets
Construction - Stainless steel construction
Voltage - 220 - 240 Volts
Wattage - 1700 Watts
Warranty - 1 Year Replacement

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Extended Warranty 5 yrs  $99.00

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Breville The Infuser
Breville The Infuser