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Oral-B Smart Series Dual Handle


Code: PRO5000SSDH

The PRO5000 has sophisticated and slim look with a contoured design making the toothbrush easier to grip and more comfortable to handle when brushing. Function matched design with an easy to reach finger stop button and state-of-the-art colour LED handle display with better contrast, so you can see the battery life at a glance.



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Visual Pressure Alert: Smart Guide sets off a visual warning when you are brushing too hard to help you keep control of your brushing and protect your gums.


Brushing Timer: Guides you to brush for two minutes, as recommended by dentists.


Quadrant Prompt: Prompts you after 30 seconds to change the quadrant, or area of your mouth, helping you to brush thoroughly across all four quadrants of your mouth.



Customised brushing with five unique brushing modes

Your daily cleaning routine doesn’t have to be the same every day. The PRO5000 has five different brushing modes available at the push of a button - Daily Clean, Massage, Sensitive, Polish, Deep Clean or Tongue Massage.


Auditory: The Pulsating action of the toothbrush is stopped, which changes the sound of the toothbrush, giving you an auditory signal that you're brushing too hard.


Visual: An innovative red light band that is integrated into the handle of the toothbrush begins to flash, giving you a visual signal.


Sensory: The system takes brushing assistance to the next level by actively switching the brushing mode to Sensitive mode, reducing the speed of the brushing action, giving you a final sensory signal to help you avoid excessive brushing.


Wireless Smart Guide

Along with the Star Reward System and a brush mode indicator, the wireless Smart Guide includes features which work together to give you real-time brushing feedback, which includes where to brush, how long you need to brush and if you're applying too much pressure.


Product Type

Power Supply 220~240v
Warranty 24 Months
Battery Type Rechargeable
Battery Low Indicator Yes
Charge Indicator Yes
Storage Charger Yes
Oscillations 8.800
Pulsations 40.000
Professional Care Timer Yes
Daily Clean Mode Yes
Pressure Warning Indicator Yes
Sensitive Clean Mode Yes
Whitening Clean Mode Yes
Bonus Handle Yes
Price: $329.00


Extended Warranty 3 yrs  $69.00

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Oral-B Smart Series Dual Handle